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Welcome to Sam Cooks Recipes!

It’s nice to e-meet you…. Yes, we’re going to start off all weird and awkward because that’s how some of the best friendships emerge, really we are all super weird and awkward deep down inside (and for some of us, on the outside too).

I created Sam Cooks Recipes because I see so many sites these days that confuse the living shit out of people! Eat this, don’t eat this, cut out all carbs, and try out this crazy liquid diet…. Argh! Look, nothing against those people or those websites but what happened to just wanting to enjoy life? Eating yummy food in moderation, because that’s the key to everything, moderation, which is (in my opinion) the key to happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to promote the constant consumption of junk food. Healthy foods can be stupidly delicious and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a treat (in moderation).

The ethos of this blog is to live simply and healthily but of course, those two things will look different to every single person on this earth. 

This food blog is dedicated to helping people be happy through food and will focus on these 3 main “ingredients”

Affordable food: 

Given the economic times, I want to make sure that the food I make is budget-conscious and budget-friendly. In a realistic world, we would be able to make everything from scratch but given the cost of things and how time-poor people are these days, it’s sometimes cheaper to purchase something that comes out of a can. While processed foods aren’t always the best or sometimes the healthiest options, I promise to give these options where possible to help those on a strict budget or those who are super time-poor.

Simple to make: 

Everyone has different levels of cooking and so, I want to make sure I’m catering for all levels by just making everything simple and easy to understand and make. You won’t see overly complex confusing recipes here.

Healthy options: 

Where possible through every recipe, I’ll provide different and healthier options. This won’t be the case on every recipe because let’s face it, a cupcake is a cupcake and boy are they delicious (just ask Odin)… We don’t need to ruin the simple things in life.

A little about me

I’m Sam (insert wild and weird waving here), I have ADHD which makes things ridiculously interesting day to day – some days I have all the energy in the world and have a million and one ideas, whereas other days, I could nap the moment I wake up. My mum always jokes that I was born tired….

I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Adelaide Australia with my family when I was 11 years old. It seems that Adelaide is so awesome (stop laughing…) we never left. Adelaide is great, everything is 15 minutes away and peak-hour traffic lasts an hour – life is good! 

Over the years, I have been and done a lot of things; I’ve worked in hotels, banking and mining. I have run (and still run) a Travel blog, which has afforded me the ability to travel to a lot of amazing places and to live my life the way I want to. I feel so unbelievably “blessed” (cringe, I know!) to live the life I have because I know that not many people have had the opportunities I have. anyway….

My life now revolves around working from home and of course Odin and my 2 cats; although as cats go, they pretty much ignore me until they want my attention. Meet Odin here.

Odin is a 2.5-year-old Doberman, Initially, I wasn’t going to introduce him on here because there is such a shitty stigma around Dobermans, they are portrayed as hell hounds but honestly, look at that photo and tell me that’s a big scary, mean, hell hound of a dog. I have no doubt he would be protective but he isn’t a monster …Odin is the love of my life, he gets far too many treats because he is the bestest of boys and 90% of the time he is in the kitchen laying down a puddle of drool for me to slip in. I hope that I can share more of him here and show what a big beautiful boy he is to everyone. 

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